Does Your Employee Health Benefits Plan Include These Key Features?

Your health benefits plan is a key factor for not only you but your employees as well. In today’s competitive healthcare market, having a plan that greatly benefits your employees can help set you apart and attract team members that stick around for the long haul.

Features you should look for when considering which health benefits plan to choose include:

Cost Saving Options for Prescription Drugs

With all the prescription drug cost rises over the last few years, employees across the nation are struggling to pay for their medications. Oftentimes, if a person knows they won’t be able to afford their medication, they will forgo it, causing a detriment to their long-term health – and possibly landing you with a shortage of staff members out regularly for sick days.

Make sure your health benefits plan includes prescription benefits management so that the cost of every prescription drug that comes through the plan has the ability to be discounted. Not only will it help your employees out every time they head to the pharmacy for a refill, but it will assist in lowering your health benefits plan expenses – giving you a better chance for decreased rates when renewal comes around.

Telemedicine Services for Easy Diagnosis

Give your employees a cost-effective option of not having to take time off work to visit the doctor and pay a copay. Instead, by using telemedicine services, they can simply speak with a doctor over the phone to obtain a diagnosis. Even their prescription can be filled via telemedicine, making their medication the only cost out of their pocket.

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24/7 Plan and Account Management

While your employees might not see a direct correlation between 24/7 plan and account management and what they experience as the utilizers of the health benefit plan, having complete control over your plan will ultimately help them (and you) save down the road.

When you have access to monitor real-time claims data, it allows you to see exactly how your health benefits plan is being utilized – setting you and your staff up for the possibility of reduced rates at renewal rather than hefty increases.

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