What are Level-Funded Health Benefits?

What would you do if we were to tell you that as a small business owner, you don’t have to throw away thousands every year on traditional health insurance anymore?

That you could actually retain those funds as a company asset and keep what you don’t use at the end of the year – all without any risk to you as the employer.

With level-funded health benefits, you can do this and so much more!

Cut the Rising Cost of Healthcare Out with Level-Funded

Small business owners across the nation spend approximately 17% of their assets to pay for company health benefits through traditional insurance every year.

And every year, those costs continue to rise.

For small business owners who choose to take advantage of level-funded benefits, they find they’re able to experience far less expenditures where company health benefits are concerned – as well as cost saving opportunities each year on renewal.

How Level-Funded Saves

Level-funded health benefits from United Advantage Agency allow small business owners to save money by paying much less for health care coverage for their employees while still providing them with outstanding benefits from names you can trust like Nationwide®.

With level-funded, you’ll know what you pay every month because it’s always a set amount – allowing you to budget better for your business.

Use Your Claims Fund as a Company Asset

What’s even better? You can include your claims fund as a company asset, allowing you even more opportunity to grow and succeed. And at the end of the policy term, you get to keep any money left over in the claims fund!

After all, it’s your money. Why shouldn’t you keep it?

Level-Funded is a Smarter Choice Over Traditional Health Insurance

When you have traditional health insurance, you don’t get a refund from your plan, no matter how much wasn’t utilized by claims. And you certainly can’t claim any of the health benefit funds as a company asset.

Stop throwing away your company’s assets every year to the rising cost of insurance. Instead, set your small business on the path for financial success.

We’re in the business of helping the small businesses of America survive and grow. To find out how much you could save by switching to level-funded benefits, contact us today!