Our Excellent Employee Health Benefits Plans

We offer a wide variety of employee health benefits plans, including HSA and MEC options, that utilize the vast Cigna PPO and Pharmacy Benefit Management Networks that will meet your goals.

Save Even More by Switching to Reference Based Reimbursement

Reference-based reimbursement (RBR) plans are the way of the future. Our RBR health benefit plans work exclusively with 6 Degrees Health. 6 Degrees helps combat the rising cost of healthcare by paying hospitals what is fair and reasonable for their services, rather than you or your employees getting stuck with unjustly high medical bills.

By utilizing RBR through 6 Degrees, your plan is now able to generate significant discounts, over and above what you would experience with a PPO. And because 6 Degrees negotiates the payment for your services on your behalf, you’re able to feel confident that you’re receiving quality care at a fair price.

What makes RBR plans so desirable beyond their savings in employer and employee costs is that you aren’t required to go to a specific doctor. Instead, you’re able to keep the doctor you know and trust.

So, how does it work?

  • Reference-based reimbursement takes the place of your PPO plan
  • When a plan utilizer receives care from a hospital, 6 Degrees locates the information detailing what amount the same hospital accepted as payment for the same service
  • 6 Degrees reduces the impact on your health benefits plan by paying the hospital what they’ve already accepted before, which is less than what PPO networks might pay for the same procedure
  • The payment (or reimbursement) accepted by the hospital comes at a lower cost to you and your employees
  • Through greater overall cost savings to the plan, you can experience better than industry trend renewal rates

Referenced Base Reimbursement Plans

Quick Note on the Benefits of a Health Savings Account (HSA)

1. Tax Savings

  • HSAs allow account holders to set aside money tax-free to be used for medical expenses, including payments toward insurance deductibles.
  • Interest earnings accrue tax-free, and if used to pay for qualifying expenses remain tax-free.

2. Control Over Expenses

HSAs also allows you to control your medical finances, allowing you control over where your health care dollars are spent. This allows the participant to use the physician or provider of their choosing.

3. Variety Of Uses

Aside from routine medical care, HSAs can also be used to pay for health care expenses that health insurance plans may not cover. Examples include Dentists, vision care, and prescriptions.

4. The Funds Don’t Go Away

Unlike Flexible Spending Accounts, unused funds in the HSA rolls over year to year, tax-free. The contributions do not need to be used within a specific calendar year. Unused funds may even be used in retirement.