How to Promote Quality Mental Health in the Workplace

While we need employees to physically be able to handle the demands of their job, their mental health should also be perceived as having equal (or even more) importance. Quality mental health in a staff member brings forth those that rarely miss work and communicate and get along well with other team members and customers. Employees exhibiting a healthy state of mind have statistically demonstrated to put forth more effort and follow safety protocols, thus increasing the stability and security of your business.

When employees suffer from low mental health, it decreases their productivity while also increasing your health care costs. By supporting your employees and offering ways to improve their mental health, you’ll both find yourselves in a win/win situation.

Here are some ways you can promote quality mental health in the workplace:

Maintain Healthy Expectations During and After Working Hours

Every working member of society finds themselves at some point struggling to find that perfect work/life balance. As an employer, it’s your job to assist in ensuring the demands of work are kept during working hours. This means that expecting employees to answer work-related emails and messages outside of those hours should come to a halt. On the same token, expecting employees to consistently put forth over their 40 hours each week can be a huge detriment to their mental health.

If your employees are working large amounts of time but aren’t experiencing quality mental health due to the hours they’re putting in, then you’re likely not receiving the productivity you would by hiring an additional team member to help with the workload.

Implement and Encourage the Use of Wellness Programs

Wellness programs offer your employees the opportunity to increase their physical and mental health which can lead to decreases in health costs as individuals and as a group. From maintaining a regular exercise routine to choosing to be tobacco-free, employee wellness programs are a great way to assist your staff in getting their mental health to the top of its game.

Some ideas you could implement in your own company’s wellness program are

Bring Mindfulness into the Workplace

It’s no secret that meditation is a powerful way to garner quality mental health. Most recently, soccer coach, Ekapol Chantawong, kept himself and twelve other boys calm, collected, and alive by meditating over the course of 18 days while being trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Select a day each month where a mental health professional can come in and teach meditation to your employees. Take it a step further and designate a specific place in your building to allow staff members to meditate during their break periods.

Increase Quality Mental Health and Save on Health Benefit Costs

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