Skip Your Copay at the Doctor with Tru Convenience

When your employees are sick, oftentimes they can end up missing more work than necessary. But with Tru Convenience health benefits from United Advantage Agency, you can enjoy your employees getting the diagnosis they need, right when they need it, so that they miss less time at work – or even no time at all!

Sick Employees Often Wait It Out to Avoid Costly Copays at the Doctor’s Office

While a few dollars here or there may not seem like much, it can really add up when paying a copay plus the cost for any prescription medications when your employees are sick. And if one of your employees has a family that is also sick, those costs can add up in a hurry.

Sick employees often will wait out the bug to see if it goes away on its own before making a trip to the doctor’s office and paying a copay. This can result in far more time missed from work than necessary. And if they aren’t taking off work while sick and aren’t going to the doctor, it can also mean exposure to additional employees, resulting in further time off or a lack of production.

Tru Convenience Offers Telemedicine Services

Rather than employees waiting out what ails them or spreading germs around the office that subject the rest of the team to sickness, your employees have the option to utilize telemedicine services through 1800MD.

1800MD Allows You to Speak with a Doctor Over the Phone

By utilizing 1800MD, your employees can speak to a doctor over the phone, rather than taking time off to go to their office and spend lengthy time in a waiting room.

Get Your Diagnosis without Paying a Copay

Because your employees aren’t visiting a physical office, their copay is waived entirely. So not only do they receive a diagnosis from an actual licensed professional, but they don’t have to pay for the diagnosis, either.

Receive Your Prescription Just Like at the Doctor’s Office

If your employee or their family member needs a prescription, the doctor they speak with at 1800MD will write one for them. While the employee will still be responsible for paying for their prescription medications, they can get incredibly reduced rates automatically with Tru Pharmacy Savings. Tru Pharmacy Savings is included in every plan.

Tru Convenience Can Be Used with PPO or Reference-Based Reimbursement Plans

While most health benefits companies only allow you perks like 1800MD with specific plans, you’ll find that every plan option from United Advantage Agency includes Tru Convenience automatically.

Save your company and your employees time and money and switch to a health benefits plan from United Advantage Agency today. See how much you can save.