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What are Level-Funded Health Benefits?

For small business owners who choose to take advantage of level-funded benefits, they find they’re able to experience far less expenditures where company health benefits are concerned – as well as cost saving opportunities each year on renewal.

Does Your Employee Health Benefits Plan Include These Key Features?

Your health benefits plan is a key factor for not only you but your employees as well. In today’s competitive healthcare market, having a plan that greatly benefits your employees can help set you apart and attract team members that stick around for the long haul. Features you should look for when considering which health benefits plan to choose include:

Small Businesses are Favoring Level-Funded Health Plans Over Traditional Insurance

Many small businesses are turning to level-funded health plans, which combine the financial advantages of self-funding with the financial stability of fully funded plans.

Small Businesses Save with Level Funded Health Benefits

One of the common misconceptions for small business owners in regards to health insurance is that they can’t get access to the same cost-saving benefits that large corporations do. But that’s just not the case. Level-funded health benefit plans allow small businesses to not only save but to retain claims fund monies as company assets. Even better? You don’t have to wait for open enrollment to make the switch and start saving.

Get Control of Your Health Benefits Plan with Tru Blue

Tru Blue will guide you through the complexities of the healthcare system and provide you with expert guidance for cost-saving ways to get the most out of your plan, allowing your small business the opportunity to gain even more financial freedom and success.

How Level-Funded Benefits Work

Level-funded benefits are the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for. With level-funding, you’ll enjoy decreased benefits costs, just as though you were running a large corporation. Choose level-funded, and let your small business grow and financially succeed. Here’s how it works:

Skip Your Copay at the Doctor with Tru Convenience

Sick employees often will wait out the bug to see if it goes away on its own before making a trip to the doctor’s office and paying a copay. This can result in far more time missed from work than necessary. And if they aren’t taking off work while sick and aren’t going to the doctor, it can also mean exposure to additional employees, resulting in further time off or a lack of production.

What Your Health Benefits Plan Should Include

As costs continue to rise in the health insurance market, finding the right options at an affordable solution has become cumbersome. And with employees continually placing benefits at the top of their priority list when searching for employment, if you can get a leg up in what you offer – and do it at a cost far less than the average – then you will find yourself at very good odds to acquire and maintain dedicated personnel in your company.

Level-Funded vs Traditional Insurance: Which is Better for Your Small Business?

Level-funded health plans offer significant cost savings right from the start. Even better: they allow for opportunities to REDUCE plan costs down the road, even as traditional rates rise.

United Advantage Agency Partners with TRU BLUE Third-Party Administrator

It’s not just important to know that your health benefit plan comes at an affordable cost to you. You also should have the ability to see at any given time what your plan is doing, how it’s being utilized and receive guidance on ways to increase cost savings down the road.

24/7 Plan Access Opens Up More Opportunities for Employers to Save on Health Benefit Costs

It’s not just important to know that your health benefit plan comes at an affordable cost to you. You also should have the ability to see at any given time what your plan is doing, how it’s being utilized and receive guidance on ways to increase cost savings down the road.

Hospitals are Now Required to Post Prices Online

January 1st, 2019 brought a new era in pricing for healthcare patients. As healthcare costs continue to rise, millions of Americans are finding themselves struggling to pay for necessary surgeries and procedures. Hospitals and providers around the country have been using the lack of transparency in pricing to their advantage, with many patients experiencing drastic price differences from one facility to the next for the exact same procedure. Soon, those extreme price differences will be a thing of the past.

Employer Health Benefits are Now More Affordable Than Ever

United Advantage Agency (UAA) has aligned with Nationwide® in an effort to bring affordable, level-funded health benefit options to employers and their employees across the nation. In addition to offering health benefits and ancillary products and services, these level-funded plans allow employers to retain their claims fund as a company asset and keep any monies from that fund not used during their plan’s coverage period.

Ways You Can Teach Your Employees to Help Keep Rising Health Benefit Costs Down

Health insurance costs are continually on the rise, and as a small business owner, it’s important to understand how you can help close the gap on yearly increases. With a level-funded health benefit plan, it’s important that you and your employees focus on how the plan is being utilized. Costs can be much more easily controlled when concentrated effort is given to advising your employees how they can best utilize their health plan – saving both you and them down the road when the plan renews.

Montana and North Carolina Adopt Reference Based Reimbursement to Save Costs for Their Self-funded Health Plans

Most employers aren’t aware of the unique negotiating power they have and the fact that they have the right to protest rising healthcare costs. However, the climate of control over self-funded health insurance is changing across the nation, beginning with Montana and North Carolina.

How to Promote Quality Mental Health in the Workplace

By promoting quality mental health in the workplace, your employees will be more productive & your company will be more successful. Here’s how to do it:

Level Funded Health Plans And Increasing Popularity Among Small Businesses

Funding is just one more glaring question surrounding the already complicated decision of the type of insurance plans to offer employees. Full funded, self-funded, and level funded health insurance plans can be found within any industry, making it so there isn’t exactly one standard to go with. However, smaller businesses often face different challenges than their big business counterparts, making the funding question one of their own not to be compared to those of super-sized companies even within the same industry.

Paramount Consulting Group Partners with Nationwide Under Parent Company UAA

PCG has joined forces with our parent company, United Advantage Agency (UAA), in an effort to bring the best products, service, and pricing in the health benefits industry to our brokers and their clients. This joint venture includes an exciting new partnership with Nationwide Mutual Insurance. Moving forward, Nationwide will act as our new stop-loss carrier.